Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Better late than never

In a previous post Marilyn posed some questions which I am belatedly getting round to answering. I hope you find them interesting.
1. Which authors inspire you?
Ans. I love mystery and suspense novels as well as historical. My favourite author is Barbara Erskine who has all these elements in her wonderful books. Daphne du Maurier always inspires. Katharine and Green Darkness by Anya Seton have been read several times. Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell is another favourite and Here Be Dragons and The Sunne in Splendour by Sharon Penman; also Legacy by Susan Kay have pride of place on my shelves. Phillippa Gregory always gives an interesting twist to history. The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons by Dan Brown could never be left out of such a list. When in need of a good thriller I always enjoy Harlan Coben and Karen Rose. Last but by no means least, for a truly memorable read I have great admiration for Jodi Picoult. She will truly tug the heart strings and should be on everyone's reading list.
2. How much research do you have to do for each Loveday book?
Ans. I read everything I can about the Georgian period and apart from rereading several of these to check certain facts usually add another 6-8 new ones for each novel.
3. What with research and writing, do you have time to read recreationally?
Ans.I read two or three fiction novels a week mostly chosen from the writers listed above. Or any book in any genre that has been recommended to me.
4. Are you a disciplined writer?
Ans. To be published you have to be disciplined it is your work, but when the muse refuses to strike its OK to take some time out. Then I usually read or watch a film and sometimes find that by doing this an answer is given to me.
5. Are there days when you DO NOT feel like writing? If so, how do you get back on track?
Ans. Writing is a passion if not an obsession with me and no day feels complete if I have not produced some writing. There are however days when the Lovedays do not co-operate which often means I am tackling a scene or conflict from the wrong angle.
6. Has a Loveday plot or character ever come to you through a dream?
Ans. Yes but not nearly often enough to make writing easy for me. Most of the prologues in the books have been dreams.
7. Do you keep a notebook of ideas for the future?
Ans. Occasionally but usually they would only be relevant for future scenes in the current novel I am working on.
8. If you weren't the successful writer that you are, what would you most like to do?
Ans. Be an unsuccessful writer. It is in the blood. Although I would give more time to my art as I relax by painting wildlife and landscapes.