Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Correction to list

I was away with the faeries when I put up the post yesterday as I am sure readers will realise that Honour and Loyalty were books 5 and 6 in the series. I have been checking the printer's proofs for Conspiracy this week (a rush turnaround as it will be published at the end of June) so have been overworking the brain cells. Book 3 The Loveday Trials was the odd cover out as it shows a tine mine and was chosen as an evocative Cornish scene instead of a woman.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Who is on the cover Books 4 and 5

THE LOVEDAY HONOUR is one of my favourite covers and I think it really depicts the feisty and free-spirited Tamasine. After the briefest of appearance in The Loveday Trials she arrives dramatically into the family's life as Edward Loveday's love-child, whose existence had been kept secret from him. Tamasine was unstoppable in her quest for adventure and discovering such exciting relatives. Her story was a joy to write and the heartbreak of her first ill-fated romance the most poignant. The covers shows her as I had pictured her and I loved the atmospheric skyscrape and its colours.

THE LOVEDAY LOYALTY continues Tamasine's story and also brings more to the fore Hannah and her struggle to run her late husband's farm and raise her children. She is in direct conflict with Harry Sawle, the ruthless and unprincipled smuggler but he finds he has met his match in her. The cover shows Hannah as a self-possessed and capable woman, her passionate nature bridled and now channelled into protecting her own.

Are these the women you thought they were?

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Images on covers Part 1

First of all happy St Georges Day to all my readers and for any outside of the UK who do not know the significence of this day St George is our patron saint. The 23rd April also commemorates Shakespear's birthday and was also the date of his death.
My great love of history and patronism always made we wonder why we did not as a country do more to celebrate this day. Was it luck or coincidence, if there is any such thing as coincidence, that my own special way of celebration was for that day to mark the birth of my daughter Alison and son Stuart. Although both were born on the 23rd Apri, their births were two years apart. Happy birthday to them and anyone else who shares the day with them.

Marilyn asked me recently to reveal the identities of the Loveday women on the book covers. This is a question I have been asked many times. At first I always left it that as readers get very fixed ideas of what each character would look like, it was best for them to decide. I shall give you my idea and would be interested if readers agree or disagree. Today I will deal with the latest cover of Adam Loveday, Fortunes and Scandals.

The beautiful blonde on Adam Loveday shows a woman of great determination and capable of manipulating men for her own ends. It is Meriel Sawle.

The image on Fortunes is linked with nature and the sea and shows a woman self-assured but more mysterious. There is still a lot more of character to be revealed through later books. It is Senara.

The image on Scandals has to be Gwendolyn. A woman breaking free of her family restraints and prepared to risk all for the man she loves. A woman who is idealistic and has yet to face greater challenges to come.

What are your ideas?

Saturday, 11 April 2009


This beautiful, informative glossy magazine has a double page spread on Kate Tremayne and her Cornish series of historical novels about the Loveday family.

I am really thrilled with this coverage and interview which talks about my love of Cornwall and how it has influenced my writing. I enjoy this magazine which is full of interesting articles and pictures of Cornwall.

Kate Tremayne