Thursday, 11 May 2017

Kate Tremayne's updated blog

Latest news from Kate Tremayne.

List of all my novels now available on kindle.

SUNLIGHT AND SHADOWS  a victorian family mystery novel set on dartmoor.

INNOCENCE BETRAYED (London life family saga)
FATEFUL SHADOWS (London life family saga)
LOYALTY AND LIES (London life family saga)
COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS (London life family saga)
SIN NO MORE (London life family saga)
BAREFOOT ANGEL (London life family saga)

ROGUES AND PLAYERS (Book 1 Angel Players historical series)
KNAVES AND PLAYERS (Book 2 Angel Players historical series)
TRAITORS AND PLAYERS (Book 3 Angel Players historical series)
PRINCES AND PLAYERS (Book 4 Angel Players historical series)

SHADOW OF PENGARRON (Women of chivalry romance)
LURE OF TREVOWAN (Women of chivalry romance)
CAVALIERS MASQUE (Women of chivalry romance)
WOMAN OF CONFLICT (Women of chivalry romance)
REBEL HARVEST (Women of chivalry romance)
PENRUTHINS WIFE (Women of chivalry romance)
SILK AND SWORD (Women of chivalry romance)
SONG OF WYCHAVEN (Women of chivalry romance)

ADAM LOVEDAY (Acclaimed Loveday family historical series for lovers of Poldark)
THE LOVEDAY TRIALS             "
THE LOVEDAY PRIDE               "

I am delighted to announce that due to popular demand all the LOVEDAY novels are at special low  prices on Amazon Kindle at the moment.

Happy Reading.
Kate Tremayne

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

New look to website

My website is currently being updated.  I have a great new look for the Home Page and there will be more changes to follow.  Click on the link above to view.

Hope you like the new look.


Friday, 1 May 2015

Great News

A great bargain for Kindle readers.  ADAM LOVEDAY the first book in the Cornish Loveday family series is now on offer as an ebook for 49 pence at   The Loveday series is highly acclaimed and popular with readers of Poldark. 

Review:  'Rich in drama and passion, with the atmosphere and flavour of eighteenth century Cornwall ADAM LOVEDAY is a story of family relationships that transcends time, and heralds the emergence of an exciting new storyteller.'  North Cornwall Advertiser

Sunday, 1 March 2015


March is a great month for watching TV for fans of the Loveday books Cornish family drama.

First you have BANISHED a drama about the first fleet of convicts to arrive in the penal colony in Sydney Cove, Australia.

As Loveday readers know at the end of the fourth book in the series, THE LOVEDAY SCANDALS, Japhet Loveday, the blacksheep of the Loveday family, was transported to the colony on the second fleet to Australia.  He was convicted of highway robbery and his pardon came too late and his ship had sailed.  Books 4, 5 and 6 in the series include his fight for survival and his  adventures in Australia until he receives his pardon and can return to England.

Later in the month we also have the return of the superb POLDARK series.  A wonderful historical adventure set in Cornwall during the same years as the Loveday series covers.  Although many of the settings in Cornwall are the same for both families, the Lovedays are boatbuilders and not tin miners.  The Loveday family dramas also includes the French Revolution - Georgian London Theatre, underworld and banking - buccaneering, adventures in Virginia and English naval battles and smuggling set against an atmospheric tapestry of Cornish, London and world history.

This is one of my favourite periods in history and I had great pleasure in researching all the exciting events depicted in the LOVEDAY novels.  I shall be glued to my TV set for some weeks to come.

All 11 LOVEDAY novels are available on AMAZON.

Kate Tremayne

Thursday, 25 December 2014

Merry Christmas

                                   M E R R Y  C H R I S T M A S


                                        A JOYOUS NEW YEAR

                                              to all my readers

Thank you for all you emails and support. I love hearing from you and you are all

                                             very special to me.

                                                  Kate Tremayne

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Fire of London

A must see for lovers of Historical Fiction is the new ITV Drama The Great Fire on Thursday at 9pm.

This is a wonderful drama depicting the great fire of London in 1666.  The settings have really captured the costumes and atmospheric period of the times.

In the fourth novel of my Angel Players series PRINCES AND PLAYERS the Angel family are caught up in the drama of the fire of London and it was a fascinating subject to research and bring to life.  Princes and Players also had the Angel family living through the drama of the Great Plague previous to the fire as well as following the lives of the family working in the Restoration Theatre and the court intrigue.

The four novels of the Angel Players series deals with three generations of adventurers, rogues, and playwrights in the Elizabethan era of Plots to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I and the early Elizabethan theatre through to the English Civil War, Restoration of Charles II and the flamboyance of his court and theatre.

Saturday, 19 April 2014


Happy Easter to all my readers.

As a thank you for your loyalty and support ROGUES AND PLAYERS the first book of the Angel Players historical series set in Tudor and Stuart times is FREE to download as an ebook on Amazon kindle until 23rd April.


Monday, 17 February 2014

Woman of Conflict 17th century romance

Woman of Conflict another ebook in the Women of Chivalry series is now available on Amazon kindle.  Again I cannot upload the cover to show.

England 1685: Forced into marriage with Jake Masters, disowned by her grandfather Oliver Ashleigh, and the country on the verge of rebellion as the Duke of Monmouth plots to take the throne from his uncle King James II – Rebecca fears what else life could throw at her.
Aware that Oliver Ashleigh supported the rebellion and it appears that Jake, once befriended by the Duke, acted as Monmouth's agent with his followers. But a feud between the Ashleighs and Masters prevented Oliver trusting Jake and he expected Rebecca to be his spy.
Though attracted to her enigmatic husband, he is a stranger to her. Who can she trust?
Soon Rebecca’s loyalty is tested. John Churchill was known to be King James’s man, yet her husband who had once served under Churchill as a captain in the King’s army had meetings with him. What hope did she have of salvaging a marriage out of disaster when Jake refused to discuss the future and was hiding a dark secret from his past?

new historical romance with mystery and suspense

The latest ebook in the Women of Chivalry PENRUTHIN's wife is now available on Amazon kindle. 

Unfortunately I cannot get the picture of the cover to load but here is the book information

The battle-scarred pilgrim returning after seven years fighting in France and being captured by the Moors was hailed as Alaric, Lord of Penruthin Castle. His child-bride, Eloise, had been left a virgin in her marriage bed, and was now a beautiful woman, But in her husband’s absence the estate had been controlled by his brother Stephen, who weak and corruptible had bled it dry.
Only Alaric as the eldest legitimate son, had the power to put things right. But Eloise was not convinced that it was her husband who had returned and Stephen was quick to declare him an imposter. Yet if the pilgrim was not her husband, would Eloise be forced to sacrifice her virtue and honour to save her own life and Penruthin from ruin…

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Silk and Sword published today

Conflict and passion in the last year of the Wars of the Roses.

Lady Eleanor Twyneham’s first meeting with the outlaw Conrad D’Arton had been traumatic, but he had eventually acted with honour. Conrad made no secret of his hatred for the Twyneham name, nor of his all-consuming determination to reclaim the birthright, Highford Castle, lost to him when his father fought for the Lancastrian cause against the Yorkist King. And Highford Castle is now the Eleanor Twyneham’s prized dowry.
Even so, Eleanor knew that a Lancastrian exile stood little hope of success while Richard III ruled England. Then, in the fateful year of 1485, Henry Tudor defeated Richard in battle, and Conrad returned in triumph…
Eleanor refuses to submit either her lands or her honour to her father’s sworn enemy, but despite all her courage fate continues to mock her when a sinister family secret threatens everything in her future.

Monday, 23 December 2013

Inspiration to write Cavalier's Masque

I am often asked where does the inspiration for a novel come from.  With Cavalier's Masque it combined my passion for history of the English Civil War and one of my favourite stories during that period which was the young King Charles II attempt to regain his father's throne.  This centred upon the battle of Worcester where the Royalist army faced Cromwell's troops.  They lost the battle and the King was forced to flee for his life.  He spent six weeks in hiding in England and finally escaped in a ship sailing from Sussex.

I live in Sussex just a couple of miles from the creek where he took ship.  On his journey to the coast the King's party encountered a troop of Cromwell's soldiers drinking at an inn by Houghton Bridge which is on the edge of the South Downs on the River Adur (again only a few miles from my home).  Fortunately the disguised King and the royalists avoided detection.  And in my novel CAVALIER'S MASQUE they avoided discovery by a diversion created by my heroine.

The novel is set on a fictious estate, Saxfield Manor, near Bramber on the South Downs and during the period of Cromwell's Protectorate many royalist spies working for the exiled King in France returned to England to raise an army.  They were hunted by Cromwell's officers and so in my novel Saxfield Manor was a safe house for Royalist spies which placed by heroine in danger and presented plenty of scope for action and adventure. 

There is also a scene set in the grounds of the ruins of Bramber castle near to Shoreham, and Broadwater Church is mentioned which was where my son was christened.

With so much local history involved this was a novel I was born to write.  Also readers of my Angel Players Series will know that many scenes in Chichester and Arundel have been included, especially in the third book Traitors and Players which included the civil war sieges of Chichester and Arundel Castle.

Inspiration grows from what you love and know and where better than writing about where you live.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Women of Chivalry 2 new titles

Two new titles of historical romance for you to enjoy in the Women of Chivalry series available on kindle and ebook format. 

Cavalier's Masque is England 1651. Charles II fights for his throne at Worcester and then flees for his life across England.  Who is Cromwell's spy?

The Song of Wychaven. England in the last year of the reign of Henry II and his Queen Eleanour is his prisoner and plans rebellion amongst his sons. 

Hope you like the revamped covers.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Medieval life-Pilgrimage

This is a picture of the site where Thomas A Becket's shrine was in Canterbury Cathedral.  Pilgrimage was an important part of life in medieval times and Becket's shrine was the most important in England. Thomas A Becket once a great friend of King Henry II was made Archbishop of Canterbury by the King and their relationship changed with the archbishop soon at odds with the the King on many matters of state and religion.  In a fit of rage Henry declared he wanted rid of Becket.  Four over zealous knights rode to Canterbury and murdered Becket in his cathedral.  Soon the tomb was said to produce miracles and it became a religious shrine.  Henry regretting his outburst  did penance at his old friend's tomb.
Geoffrey Chaucer brought medieval pilgrimage alive in his Canterbury Tales which are still famous today.  Becket's tomb was destroyed in Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries.

My fascination with Chaucers Canterbury Tales and many visits to Canterbury Cathedral to visit the tombs of many of our monarchs inspired me to write my historical romance LURE OF TREVOWAN.

Friday, 18 October 2013


Available from this weekend new kindle ebook in the Women of Chivalry historical romance series. LURE OF TREVOWAN.

Following the death of her father, Lady Alynna is cast out of her family home. Stripped of rank, fortune and identity she resolves to discover the truth of the mystery surrounding her birth.
Championed by Richard Dreux, a handsome enigmatic pilgrim she journeys to Becket's shrine in Canterbury. A jester and a scarred cripple are her companions - the pilgrim her self appointed protector. But what dark secrets haunt him?
Alynna also has her secrets and her past cannot be escaped and shadows her future happiness. Only the Earl of Trevowan can save her, but having lost her heart to the humble pilgrim can she surrender to the powerful Lord Trevowan's will?

Monday, 23 September 2013

New book - New series in ebook

This is the first book available in THE WOMEN OF CHIVALRY SERIES an exciting action packed historical romantic suspense series of novels set within a major conflict, rebellion or event of social history.

SHADOW OF PENGARRON is set in an England ruled by Richard II, an unpopular, weak and despotic monarch and his cousin Henry Bolingbroke wages war to usurp his throne. This conflict of 1399 resulted in the start of the Wars of the Roses which raged between two rival Plantagnet royal houses of York and Lancaster until 1487 when Henry Tudor defeated the last Plantagnet king Richard III.

Ralph Warrender, Earl of Pengarron, returns from exile with Bolingbroke's army to reclaim his own birthright that was taken by King Richard and he vows vengeance upon his enemies.

Lady Morganna Bartlett, once Pengarron's betrothed, he regards as part of that birthright but to Morganna he is now her family's sworn enemy.  Abducted by Pengarron, how could she trust him - especially when she suspects that the Earl was involved with the Druids who still performed their sinister rites on his land.

'Beware Pengarron' an old woman phrophesied - would her life be ruined by Pengarron's shadow?

An intense passionate and emotional novel rich in atmospheric detail and an unusual background true to the period of the time.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

London Life series on all ebook formats


"We can't all be saints, Casey. Besides, sinners have more fun."

Casey Strong laughed at her cousin's outrageous words. It was so like Eva to say what was most provocative.

Casey adores her older, beautiful cousin and offers her a home in their pub, The Britannia, when Eva's father and stepmother are killed by a gas explosion. Everyone falls for Eva's vivacious charm even Casey's surly, widowed father Joe, who had resented providing a home for her. But Joe 'Strongarm' Strong is a man with a dark secret and Eva is not the innocent victim she at first appears.

When Joe dies in mysterious circumstances, the shadows of the past cast a sinister veil over the future of the two cousins, and Casey gradually realises that Eva's possessiveness threatens the lives of those she holds most dear...

Fateful Shadows is a compelling novel of dark secrets, passion and loyalty overcoming persecution and social prejudice - and an obsessive love which leads to tragedy.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Coming soon

This is the cover of my new historical romance SHADOW OF PENGARRON published as an ebook next week

Saturday, 31 August 2013

BAREFOOT ANGEL is the first of my ebooks to be launched with Smashwords which makes it available to Kobo, Sony, Barnes & Noble etc.
My other titles will follow on Smashwords shortly and within a couple of weeks the first of my historical romance ebooks in The Women of Chivalry series, SHADOW OF PENGARROW will be published on kindle.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Bestselling Saga

I'm thrilled to write today that my London Life saga ebook BAREFOOT ANGEL is in the kindle bestselling list for sagas.

For those of you who have read LOYALTY AND LIES the theme of loyalty is a recurring one in many of my novels.  It is something I believe very firmly in and as a theme throws up many dilemmas for characters to face with integrity and makes for compelling drama.

The loyalty of my readers always deeply affects me and I love hearing from you and thank you for your continued interest in my novels and for your loyalty and support that has made the London Life and Angel Players series so popular. 

For those who have come to my novels through the wonderful media of ebooks I hope you will also enjoy my LOVEDAY series of novels also available.

Very shortly a new series of my backlist historical romance novels will be available on ebook.  These will be the WOMEN OF CHIVALRY series and the first three available will excite all of you who are already experiencing withdrawal pains from the ending of The White Queen on tv.  They focus on the medieval lives of women caught up during the Plantagenet wars and conflicts of our history.

Monday, 12 August 2013


1906 Tanya Summerfield is desperate to break away from the strict regime of her Aunt Stella and her autocratic father, a retired Brigadier. Despite the respectable façade of the family it is not without its sinister secrets…

Their house is decaying and the Summerfield wealth has gone but the Brigadier refuses to allow Tanya to continue teaching in the East End. He also disapproves of Archie Tilbury who Aunt Stella is determined that Tanya marry. Torn between family loyalty and the need to rebel, Tanya starts her own business venture. But soon she suspects that her enigmatic suitor is not all that he seems. When dark undercurrents of passion and revenge emerge to trap Tanya, she is forced to fight – not only for the man she loves, but also for her life…