Thursday, 21 January 2010

cover and reprint news

This is the fabulous cover for THE LOVEDAY VENDETTA published in August in hardback. I love it.
For those readers eager for news when the THE LOVEDAY TRIALS and also THE LOVEDAY HONOUR which are currently out of stock they will both be reprinted but I do not have the dates yet - so watch this space. THE LOVEDAY TRIALS was reprinted in May 2009 and has again sold out.
I am delighted to hear that readers who come to the series through a later title are eager to catch up on previous adventures and romances and buy the entire set.
THE LOVEDAY VENDETTA brings the next generation of Lovedays forward with Rowena rebelling against the constraints of her new life and Bryn unravelling the mysteries of his past and seeking justice against the murderer of his mother and brother.