Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Silk and Sword published today

Conflict and passion in the last year of the Wars of the Roses.

Lady Eleanor Twyneham’s first meeting with the outlaw Conrad D’Arton had been traumatic, but he had eventually acted with honour. Conrad made no secret of his hatred for the Twyneham name, nor of his all-consuming determination to reclaim the birthright, Highford Castle, lost to him when his father fought for the Lancastrian cause against the Yorkist King. And Highford Castle is now the Eleanor Twyneham’s prized dowry.
Even so, Eleanor knew that a Lancastrian exile stood little hope of success while Richard III ruled England. Then, in the fateful year of 1485, Henry Tudor defeated Richard in battle, and Conrad returned in triumph…
Eleanor refuses to submit either her lands or her honour to her father’s sworn enemy, but despite all her courage fate continues to mock her when a sinister family secret threatens everything in her future.