Saturday, 18 October 2014

Fire of London

A must see for lovers of Historical Fiction is the new ITV Drama The Great Fire on Thursday at 9pm.

This is a wonderful drama depicting the great fire of London in 1666.  The settings have really captured the costumes and atmospheric period of the times.

In the fourth novel of my Angel Players series PRINCES AND PLAYERS the Angel family are caught up in the drama of the fire of London and it was a fascinating subject to research and bring to life.  Princes and Players also had the Angel family living through the drama of the Great Plague previous to the fire as well as following the lives of the family working in the Restoration Theatre and the court intrigue.

The four novels of the Angel Players series deals with three generations of adventurers, rogues, and playwrights in the Elizabethan era of Plots to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I and the early Elizabethan theatre through to the English Civil War, Restoration of Charles II and the flamboyance of his court and theatre.