Monday, 17 February 2014

Woman of Conflict 17th century romance

Woman of Conflict another ebook in the Women of Chivalry series is now available on Amazon kindle.  Again I cannot upload the cover to show.

England 1685: Forced into marriage with Jake Masters, disowned by her grandfather Oliver Ashleigh, and the country on the verge of rebellion as the Duke of Monmouth plots to take the throne from his uncle King James II – Rebecca fears what else life could throw at her.
Aware that Oliver Ashleigh supported the rebellion and it appears that Jake, once befriended by the Duke, acted as Monmouth's agent with his followers. But a feud between the Ashleighs and Masters prevented Oliver trusting Jake and he expected Rebecca to be his spy.
Though attracted to her enigmatic husband, he is a stranger to her. Who can she trust?
Soon Rebecca’s loyalty is tested. John Churchill was known to be King James’s man, yet her husband who had once served under Churchill as a captain in the King’s army had meetings with him. What hope did she have of salvaging a marriage out of disaster when Jake refused to discuss the future and was hiding a dark secret from his past?

new historical romance with mystery and suspense

The latest ebook in the Women of Chivalry PENRUTHIN's wife is now available on Amazon kindle. 

Unfortunately I cannot get the picture of the cover to load but here is the book information

The battle-scarred pilgrim returning after seven years fighting in France and being captured by the Moors was hailed as Alaric, Lord of Penruthin Castle. His child-bride, Eloise, had been left a virgin in her marriage bed, and was now a beautiful woman, But in her husband’s absence the estate had been controlled by his brother Stephen, who weak and corruptible had bled it dry.
Only Alaric as the eldest legitimate son, had the power to put things right. But Eloise was not convinced that it was her husband who had returned and Stephen was quick to declare him an imposter. Yet if the pilgrim was not her husband, would Eloise be forced to sacrifice her virtue and honour to save her own life and Penruthin from ruin…