Saturday, 31 August 2013

BAREFOOT ANGEL is the first of my ebooks to be launched with Smashwords which makes it available to Kobo, Sony, Barnes & Noble etc.
My other titles will follow on Smashwords shortly and within a couple of weeks the first of my historical romance ebooks in The Women of Chivalry series, SHADOW OF PENGARROW will be published on kindle.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Bestselling Saga

I'm thrilled to write today that my London Life saga ebook BAREFOOT ANGEL is in the kindle bestselling list for sagas.

For those of you who have read LOYALTY AND LIES the theme of loyalty is a recurring one in many of my novels.  It is something I believe very firmly in and as a theme throws up many dilemmas for characters to face with integrity and makes for compelling drama.

The loyalty of my readers always deeply affects me and I love hearing from you and thank you for your continued interest in my novels and for your loyalty and support that has made the London Life and Angel Players series so popular. 

For those who have come to my novels through the wonderful media of ebooks I hope you will also enjoy my LOVEDAY series of novels also available.

Very shortly a new series of my backlist historical romance novels will be available on ebook.  These will be the WOMEN OF CHIVALRY series and the first three available will excite all of you who are already experiencing withdrawal pains from the ending of The White Queen on tv.  They focus on the medieval lives of women caught up during the Plantagenet wars and conflicts of our history.

Monday, 12 August 2013


1906 Tanya Summerfield is desperate to break away from the strict regime of her Aunt Stella and her autocratic father, a retired Brigadier. Despite the respectable façade of the family it is not without its sinister secrets…

Their house is decaying and the Summerfield wealth has gone but the Brigadier refuses to allow Tanya to continue teaching in the East End. He also disapproves of Archie Tilbury who Aunt Stella is determined that Tanya marry. Torn between family loyalty and the need to rebel, Tanya starts her own business venture. But soon she suspects that her enigmatic suitor is not all that he seems. When dark undercurrents of passion and revenge emerge to trap Tanya, she is forced to fight – not only for the man she loves, but also for her life…