Friday, 23 May 2008

A new adventure for the family begins

If you love the Loveday series of family novels I hope you will enjoy this blog which will give you insights into world of the Loveday family and of Kate Tremayne their creator.

The blog is a response to the request of many readers to my website and I hope it will be fully interactive with comments from readers about the family and their adventures, conflicts and romances.

If you are a regular Loveday fan let me know what subjects you want me to cover.

The Loveday books are set in 18th Century Cornwall and cover all aspects of historical events of the time.

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Loveday books in order of sequence Adam Loveday, The Loveday Fortunes, The Loveday Trials, The Loveday Scandals, The Loveday Honour, The Loveday Pride, The Loveday Loyalty, The Loveday Revenge and just published The Loveday Secrets.

The blog will be regularly updated every week. Join me again and tell any friends who are Loveday fans.

Best wishes

Kate Tremayne

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