Thursday, 4 February 2010

A taste of things to come


Beautiful, headstrong, troubled: Rowena Loveday has always lived in the shadow of her mother’s tarnished reputation. And when her father takes his own life, she fears she will never escape the curse of her parentage. She finds an ally in orphaned Bryn, ward of her uncle, Adam Loveday. But even Bryn cannot protect her from the ultimate betrayal...

Indebted to the Lovedays for saving his life, Bryn is piecing together his childhood memories. Before he can reclaim his stolen inheritance, he must uncover the truth behind the murders of his mother and brother. Only then can he confront the demons from his past – and lay the dead to rest.

Bryn’s discoveries unleash an enemy more powerful than the Loveday family have ever encountered. They must unite in order to protect their own. But will it be too late...?

The rugged, sea-swept Cornish coast is the setting for this stunning novel. Passionate and daring, the Lovedays are a family you will never forget...

Does this whet your appetite?

The Loveday Vendetta is one of the most exciting Loveday stories ever.


Sheila avid Loveday fan said...

I love the series Kate and have read all of them. The family are so real they are often in my mind. I loved Conspiracy. Each book is fresh imaginative exciting and full of drama and suspense. The historical and emotional detail places us right in the scenes with the family. I am counting the day until The Loveday Vendetta is published. It sounds another unforgettable and exciting read.

kate tremayne said...

Thanks for such lovely comments Sheila. To keep the series fresh and exciting I keep a strong element of suspense in the latest books. With a family as diverse as the Lovedays there are always new revelations to surprise the reader and the stories are set at a dramatic time in history.