Friday, 23 April 2010

Celebrating St George's Day

Every since I can remember I have always thought that the English let themselves down (or just missed out on an poortunity for a darn good party) by not having official St George's Day celebrations.

I am not the greatest of organisers but always felt that one day I would make this day special.
By the happiest of coincidences (that is if you believe there is such a thing of coincidence) my lovely daughter was born on 23 April 1973. On 23 April 1975 my gorgeous son was born. This was not the case of the longest labour in history to produce twins and neither of them were named George or Georgina.

I reckon I did my bit to celebrate our national saint's day and we have a party every year or my children would likely strike me off their christmas card list.

April 23rd also marks the birthday and the day of the death of our greatest man of words William Shakespeare.

Happy St Georges Day.

How do you celebrate our patriotic day?


heavenstobetsy said...

We fly the flag and do our best to spread the word that England is a great land of tolerance to live in.

Thanks for the marvellous books Kate. I look forward to many adventures from these great characters.

kate tremayne said...

Hi heavenstobetsy (love your blog name) Thanks for your input and keep up the good work of spreading the world.

I am working on plotlines for further Loveday novels that bring forward the next generation as well as the usual favourites. A Loveday book would not be a Loveday books without Adam and Japhet. And Tamasine has been rather quiet in recent novels so something is brewing for her.

Marilyn S. from USA said...

Hi Kate,
After "devouring" the first 9 Loveday books, I began LOVEDAY CONSPIRACY today. I was captivated from the first sentence! Based upon your storytelling skills, I know I will be enthralled as the story unfolds. Beginning a new Loveday book is like going to a family reunion! I'm eager to catch up with all the Loveday family members.

kate tremayne said...

Great to hear from you again Marilyn. The Loveday Conspiracy has a greater element of suspense and takes the series to a new level. I hope you enjoy it.