Wednesday, 24 April 2013

What's new from Kate Tremayne

WHAT'S NEW FROM KATE TREMAYNE a winter of revising my backlist for publication as ebooks

If you enjoyed the Loveday Series I am sure you will love my ANGEL PLAYERS SERIES.  A set of 4 novels about two generations of the Angel family and their adventures, lives from strolling players in the reign of Elizabeth 1 and the intrigue of plots against the Queen's life, the pre Shakespearean stage, life at Court and in the country, privateering through to the Earl of Essex Rebellion.  The story continues on to the grandchildren, the battles and conflicts of the English Civil War, exile in France and the intrigue surrounding the Young King Charles, and Moliere, the restoration and restoration theatre through to the perils of the plague and great fire of London. 

The order of the series is ROGUES AND PLAYERS, KNAVES AND PLAYERS, TRAITORS AND PLAYERS and PRINCES AND PLAYERS.  These books were originally published in 1991 and 1992 under a pen name of Kate Tremayne and are now available from amazon kindle and shortly on other ebook formats.


This series of historical romantic thrillers are all individual novels . INNOCENCE BETRAYED, FATEFUL SHADOWS and LOYALTY AND LIES are set in the Victorian or Edwardian eras.  SIN NO MORE, COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS and BAREFOOT ANGEL are set in the 1920's, 1930's and 1950's.

These novels were previously published between 1994 and 1997 under a pen name of Kate Tremayne and are now available at Amazon for kindle and shortly in other ebook formats.


I am also in the process of update my website and apologise for the long neglect.  It should be on line soon.

Also I am currently working on an exciting new project which will be set on Dartmoor.

I love receiving your emails and comments .


Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Tremayne,

Having discovered your LOVEDAY series a few years ago, I became a die-hard fan of yours. So, naturally, I would check your blog periodically. Tonight, I was delighted to find your newest entry.

Upon my retirement from teaching in July 2012, I received as a gift a Kindle. Apparently just in time too! Now I can read your backlist titles newly formatted for an ebook device. And, with increased leisure time now that I've retired, I may just reread your LOVEDAY books too!

Sending you best wishes from "across the pond",
Marilyn S. from USA

kate tremayne said...

Thanks for your lovely comments. If you enjoyed the Loveday books I know you will love the Angel Players series. These are my favourite historical novels. I love the Elizabethan and Stuart period and there were so many dramatic and exciting events to include in their lives and adventures.

I have lots of new info to keep the blog up to date and the website is also being updated by my genius techno wise husband. I could not have revised my backlist for ebooks without his input. He did all the formatting and also designed the covers. He's my hero.

There will also be a Kate Tremayne page on facebook which is another techno skill my dinosaur brain has to master. Researching the intrigue of the Elizabethan court or conflict during the English Civil war (both covered in the Angel Players series) was a doddle compared to this new learning curve of mastering technology. Research excites and inspires me. Anything technical is like believing you can run through a brick wall.
Enjoy your retirement and it was lovely to hear from you again.
Kate Tremayne

Marion Stocks said...

Dear Ms Tremayne - lve just enjoyed the last 3mths reading your 'Loveday' series - l came across one of them in the local library and promptly reserved all that they had of the series, ending with the 'Vendetta' - Was this the last one? - l do hope not!! - Yours 'hopefully' Mrs Marion A. Stocks

kate tremayne said...

Dear Marion Stocks
Sorry to have taken so long to get back to you I missed your entry. Unfortunately my publisher did not want any more Loveday Books. I do hope one day to continue but they would have to be as kindle ebooks. If you have an ereader check out all my other titles now available through Amazon. Thank you for your interest and support.
Kate Tremayne

Kathy Middleton said...

Hi Kate,
I must tell you how much I have enjoyed the 'Loveday' books, so much so I have read them all over four times!! I am devastated to read that your publisher doesn't want anymore in the 'Loveday' and my friends are so disappointed, wonderful books, beautifully written, just can't think what your publisher is thinking.....
These books have been my absolute favourite reading of all time, I just can't imagine no more Adam Loveday.... such a shame.....
Perhaps your publisher will have a change of mind, so many people are relying on it..
Thanks Kate,
Kathy Middleton (Reigate Surrey)

Jac5666 said...

I agree !!!! I am a hairdresser and in my salon we share books and the Loveday series have been the most popular so far !!! We keep looking for a new release !! Surely it's not the end !! Please write another and another and another !!! We so enjoy them !! You're a brilliant author !!!!!