Thursday, 9 May 2013

A family at war and the restoration


Book 3 moves the family forward a generation and covers one of our most dramatic periods of history the English Civil War. 

family notorious for the wild blood of their kinsmen now faces the greatest conflict of their age when England is torn apart by a war between King and Parliament. The grandchildren of Gabriellen Angel are determined to triumph over their enemies and avenge the deaths of their loved ones.
Angel Rowan disguises herself as a man and is caught up in the intrigue and fighting involving King Charles, the commander of his army Prince Rupert of the Rhine, and those who would oppose their sovereign. A mistress of disguise she plays a unique role in the service of Prince. When she later escapes England and goes to Paris, she takes up the legacy of her kinsmen Gabriellen and Esmond Angel to become a playwright and actress and is befriended by Moliere. But loyalty to her family and country draw her back to England where new dangers threaten the lives of herself and everyone she holds dear.

Maressa Rowan chooses a different path to her sister - she craves respectability and learns after her marriage to Sir Henry Mortimer that he is a libertine and supporter of Parliament. In London she is forced to flee for her life when her husband is prepared to sacrifice her honour to pay his debts. Her ally is her disreputable cousin, Thomas Angel, infamous for his clandestine existence as a rogue and leader amongst the criminal underworld of the City - and now for her the life of an adventuress beckons ...

Traitors and Players brings alive the tumultuous period of the English Civil War, the courage, heartache and persecution faced by a diverse and memorable family determined to conquer prejudice and adversity and emerge triumphant over their enemies.

PRINCES AND PLAYERS book 4 of THE ANGEL PLAYERS is set  during the exile of the young King Charles 11 and his restoration and the colourful world of his court, London and the beginnings of the restoration theatre.

Loyal, courageous and born adventurers, the Rowan family have sacrificed their lives, estates and homeland in the cause of Charles I. They are determined to restore their fortunes, rise above the prejudice and persecution of an England now ruled by Parliament, and bring to justice the enemies who sought to bring them down.

Angel Rowan continues to pursue her dream of achieving success as a playwright and in France her adventures also take her to the French Court and the intrigue surrounding the young Prince of Wales. Yet she has never forgotten her one true love even though fate conspires against their reunion.

In London Maressa Rowan is fighting her own battle for survival and has fled to the protection of her cousin Thomas Angel, a notorious rogue involved with the dangerous criminal underworld. Her pursuit of happiness and love places her in jeopardy that threatens to overcome even her indomitable spirit...

Princes and Players is rich in atmospheric detail that brings alive the vast tapestry of historical events in England and France during the tumultuous years from the time of the English Civil War to the early years of the Restoration.

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