Monday, 23 September 2013

New book - New series in ebook

This is the first book available in THE WOMEN OF CHIVALRY SERIES an exciting action packed historical romantic suspense series of novels set within a major conflict, rebellion or event of social history.

SHADOW OF PENGARRON is set in an England ruled by Richard II, an unpopular, weak and despotic monarch and his cousin Henry Bolingbroke wages war to usurp his throne. This conflict of 1399 resulted in the start of the Wars of the Roses which raged between two rival Plantagnet royal houses of York and Lancaster until 1487 when Henry Tudor defeated the last Plantagnet king Richard III.

Ralph Warrender, Earl of Pengarron, returns from exile with Bolingbroke's army to reclaim his own birthright that was taken by King Richard and he vows vengeance upon his enemies.

Lady Morganna Bartlett, once Pengarron's betrothed, he regards as part of that birthright but to Morganna he is now her family's sworn enemy.  Abducted by Pengarron, how could she trust him - especially when she suspects that the Earl was involved with the Druids who still performed their sinister rites on his land.

'Beware Pengarron' an old woman phrophesied - would her life be ruined by Pengarron's shadow?

An intense passionate and emotional novel rich in atmospheric detail and an unusual background true to the period of the time.

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