Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Medieval life-Pilgrimage

This is a picture of the site where Thomas A Becket's shrine was in Canterbury Cathedral.  Pilgrimage was an important part of life in medieval times and Becket's shrine was the most important in England. Thomas A Becket once a great friend of King Henry II was made Archbishop of Canterbury by the King and their relationship changed with the archbishop soon at odds with the the King on many matters of state and religion.  In a fit of rage Henry declared he wanted rid of Becket.  Four over zealous knights rode to Canterbury and murdered Becket in his cathedral.  Soon the tomb was said to produce miracles and it became a religious shrine.  Henry regretting his outburst  did penance at his old friend's tomb.
Geoffrey Chaucer brought medieval pilgrimage alive in his Canterbury Tales which are still famous today.  Becket's tomb was destroyed in Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries.

My fascination with Chaucers Canterbury Tales and many visits to Canterbury Cathedral to visit the tombs of many of our monarchs inspired me to write my historical romance LURE OF TREVOWAN.

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