Tuesday, 27 January 2009

For West Country Fans

On Saturday THE WESTERN MORNING NEWS is running an article about me and the Loveday Books and how I get my inspiration. The Loveday Secrets should also be reviewed. Hope you enjoy it.



Brenda said...

Just had to tell you how much I enjoyed the Loveday Secrets. Don't stop writing these books. I have to thank you for hours of reading pleasure the series has given to me.

kate tremayne said...

Thankyou for you kind comments Brenda. No one is more amazed than me that after 9 books that there is such a wonderful following for this series. It has been a fantastic road for me to travel and The Loveday Conspiracy which comes next will be a real page-turner. If the readers keep demanding them I shall certainly keep writing them.

lisa said...

About six weeks ago browsing in the library I came across the book Adam Loveday, from then on I became hooked on the series. I am coming to the end of The Loveday Secrets and cannot wait for the next Loveday book, can you tell me is there anymore planned after The Loveday Conspiracy.

They have all been a fantastic read.

kate tremayne said...

Sorry for the delay Lisa. You slipped through the net. I am delighted that you read all the books so quickly and are hooked on the series. After Conspiracy there will be more Loveday books and I start to focus on the romances and adventures of the next generation. But don't worry Adam and Japhet will still be prominent.