Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Who is on the cover Books 4 and 5

THE LOVEDAY HONOUR is one of my favourite covers and I think it really depicts the feisty and free-spirited Tamasine. After the briefest of appearance in The Loveday Trials she arrives dramatically into the family's life as Edward Loveday's love-child, whose existence had been kept secret from him. Tamasine was unstoppable in her quest for adventure and discovering such exciting relatives. Her story was a joy to write and the heartbreak of her first ill-fated romance the most poignant. The covers shows her as I had pictured her and I loved the atmospheric skyscrape and its colours.

THE LOVEDAY LOYALTY continues Tamasine's story and also brings more to the fore Hannah and her struggle to run her late husband's farm and raise her children. She is in direct conflict with Harry Sawle, the ruthless and unprincipled smuggler but he finds he has met his match in her. The cover shows Hannah as a self-possessed and capable woman, her passionate nature bridled and now channelled into protecting her own.

Are these the women you thought they were?


Marilyn S. said...

Two magnificent covers for two magnificent books! I had thought the character pictured on HONOUR was Senara. Why? Because of the atmospheric background and the necklace! Yes, I thought the necklace was a clue. I imagined the necklace's pendant to be that of a moonstone. The moonstone represents the great Mother Goddess and is said to heighten intuition and spiritual insight. Since Senara has such reverence for Mother Earth and since she seems to have "the sight", the necklace led me to believe it was Senara on the cover.

A loyal U.S. fan and "Ambassador" for all your lovely LOVEDAY books

kate tremayne said...

Hi Marilyn, your powers of deduction certainly were at work here. You are clearly very in tune with Senara and see her the same way I do.

Poppy said...

I have enjoyed the insight given to us behind the recent posts. These two covers are very dramatic. I loved it when you introduced Tamasine. Now she is happily married will we hear more about her. It was interesting how Tristan tricked her in Secrets to try and get back in with the family.

kate tremayne said...

Hi Poppy, You have given me a bit of a poser. I adored the recklessness and free-spiritednss of Tamasine. I did feel that after all she had been through in Scandals, Honour and Loyalty she deserved a period of happiness and respite. I cannot see her keeping in the shadows and out of trouble for long.
Now that the family do not live so close together I have to be careful how I weave in subplots that do not cause the story to become disjointed. I am sure Tamasine wlll be party to an intriguing drama soon.