Saturday, 11 April 2009


This beautiful, informative glossy magazine has a double page spread on Kate Tremayne and her Cornish series of historical novels about the Loveday family.

I am really thrilled with this coverage and interview which talks about my love of Cornwall and how it has influenced my writing. I enjoy this magazine which is full of interesting articles and pictures of Cornwall.

Kate Tremayne


Marilyn S. said...

Thank you, Ms. Tremayne, for this great blog. It's a wonderful forum for those of us who just can't enough of the LOVEDAY men and women -- their escapades, loves, challenges, and victories.

For your fans who want to look beyond the cover of CORNISHWORLD MAGAZINE and actually read the interview, here is the link:

Time to go. The next chapter of your book is "calling" me.

A loyal U.S. fan and "Ambassador" for all your lovely LOVEDAY books

kate tremayne said...

Hi Marilyn

Thanks for this link and for being such a supper fan of the novels. A taster for The Loveday Conspiracy will be on the blog in a few days.


John said...

I spent two weeks in Cornwall visiting my sister and was interested at reading your article in Cornish World. My sister told me the Loveday books were her favourite and reckoned that they put Poldark in the shade. I devoured the first three of the books reading them in record time. My sister refused to part with her other copies so when I returned to London I purchased the rest of the set.
Thank you for such wonderful stories and adventures. I am now reading The Loveday Loyalty. I just can't put them down. Men will enjoy them as much as women.

kate tremayne said...

John, thanks for your lovely comments. I am very moved to be considered on a par with Winston Graham and his Poldark novels. The Loveday books are written for a mixed gender market.
I hope they continue to live up to your expectations and provide some dramatic surprises on the way.

Marilyn S. in response to John said...

I laughed to read that your sister refused to part with her Loveday books. My husband purchased the entire set for me. Although I happily gab about and gush over the Loveday books to all my friends and family, I will not loan out a single one. (Does that make me a bad person???)

I am currently reading Loveday Pride. But for every hour of joy that I experience, I have two hours of trepidation that I'll be finished with the existing published books before Ms. Tremayne can write her next one. My husband, the pragmatist, says that if I would just stop emailing Ms. Tremayne via her blog, she'd have more time to work on her next novel.

A loyal U.S. fan and "Ambassador" for all your lovely LOVEDAY books

Susan said...

Like Marilyn and John I also hoard my Loveday books and will not lend them out. I am on my third time of reading them. I've got The Loveday Conspiracy on order and can't wait to find out what Tristan gets up to. Will we love him or want to throttle him?

kate tremayne said...

The verdict is not in on Tristan. Some of you will want to love him others will not be so sure. He is a complex character and carries a lot of past baggage as they say.