Saturday, 29 May 2010

All titles again available

The wait is over. I have received many emails from anxious readers desperate to complete their collection of the Loveday series. I am delighted to announced that with the second reprint of THE LOVEDAY TRIALS All the 10 of the published LOVEDAY novels are again in print.


Marilyn S. from USA said...

Hi Kate,

While waiting for the next LOVEDAY book, I began a new hobby -- curating images online from

One of my galleries was inspired by your LOVEDAY books. You are welcome to visit my gallery, entitled Seafaring Happy. Be sure to read the text to the left of the gallery. There, you and your series are named. (My screen name is "gabhappy".)

Marilyn S. from USA said...

kate tremayne said...

Marilyn, I'd love to see your gallery but I could not find it on flicker even by typing in the full http and also trying your screen name. Have to admit I am a technophobe and do not even text, use facebook or twitter. Is there an idiot proof way of accessing them? It took me ages to master the blog.

Love Kate Tremayne

kate tremayne said...

Hi again Marilyn

Thanks for this link and for saying that the Loveday series was inspiration for your selection of photos. I loved the the pictures with the tall ships, the clouds and the foaming sea. I am always inspired by seascape paintings and dramatic skies and my second creative passion is painting them. However I never have enugh time to indulge this passion enough as the writing takes up most of my day - but I would not change that.

I recommend other readers click on to Marilyn's link

Thanks for sharing this.

kate tremayne said...


full link to view the photos is by expanding another set of numbers
to include

Warmest wishes
Kate Tremayne

Anonymous said...

Hi Kate,
When will the Loveday vendetta be available to the public? We're desperate!

kate tremayne said...

The wait will soon be over. THE LOVEDAY VENDETTA hardback will be published in two weeks. Watch this blog for more info and extracts.