Sunday, 23 May 2010

Loveday News

THE LOVEDAY SCANDALS has been reprinted and is now available. It is the fourth in the Loveday series and one of my favourites as it brings the story of the lovable rogue Japhet to the fore. Second to Adam he is my favourite character and his life adventures and romances have been the most exiting to write and also the most difficult to allow to happen when he had to face the consequences of his rakehell life. This novel allowed me to take the series to a new and thrilling level and bring a deeper lunderstanding to eighteenth century life and experiences for the family to overcome.


Marilyn S. from USA said...

Dear Kate,

Just finished LOVEDAY CONSPIRACY and thoroughly enjoyed it. I especially liked the story line about Richard and Emma.

I love to make predictions while reading. So, from the time in Chapter 5 when Tristan decides to take a wife, I thought . . . "Who could Tristan marry that would most hurt his archrival, Adam?" FELICITY!

My guess turned out to be very wrong. But you fabricated a much more interesting story than I could have ever predicted.

Thanks for a good read!

kate tremayne said...

Thanks for your lovely comments Marilyn and I am delighted you enjoyed The Loveday Conspiracy. I am really into mystery and suspense now and THE LOVEDAY VENDETTA published later this year has even more unexpected twists and turns.

By marrying who he did gave Tristan his moment of revenge as it raised his social status and gave him reason to appear superior to Adam. It won't last.... but that is another story.

Marilyn S. from USA said...

Your second paragraph has whet my appetite. I'm looking forward to LOVEDAY VENDETTA -- with all its mystery and suspense.