Friday, 7 June 2013

Introducing the London Life series

I have never lived further than an hour and a quarter train journey to London and as a child it has always been a place to raise my heartbeat.  At 16 my first job was in London and for 8 years before I left work to raise a family I worked in the city both near the Tower of London and St Pauls and loved visiting the ancient monuments.  Working in the City fired my love of history and when I married our first flat and house was in the East End.  This was where where my parents had been raised and also my husband's family.  So my childhood was filled with stories of London through the war and even back to Victoria's reign.  It's history from medieval times to the present day fascinated me.

The historian in me was drawn to the diversity of characters that London created.  I had loved writing the historical background of London when working on The Angel Players series set in Tudor and Stuart times and when it was time to start a new project I wanted to base it in London and bring the lives of Londoners forward to less distant days.

INNOCENCE BETRAYED and FATEFUL SHADOWS were set in the Victorian era. LOYALTY AND LIES is Edwardian, SIN NO MORE. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS and BAREFOOT ANGEL cover the 1920's through to the 50's.  Each is a story of a family split by secrets and past skeletons from the past that threaten the loved ones, happiness and lives of the main characters.  Lovers of thrillers will enjoy the complexity of the physical and psychology of the dramas to be overcome, and  throughout the page-turning conflict of good against evil, the more romantic will be uplifted by the courage and triumph of loyalty and love. 

These six novels were written after the historical drama of The Angel Players Series, and the psychological twist of the romantic suspense in The London Life novels made it a natural progression on their completion for me to write the Loveday novels. 

Writing is about mastering a genre and evolving to bring your readers something fresh and exciting with each project.  I am a passionate reader and my goal as a writer was to be an entertainer and bring alive a world of drama and adventure in an exciting setting with memorable and empathic characters. I write from my heart about stories I would love to read myself. 

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