Friday, 14 June 2013

Places that inspired my writing 2

These are some of the places that inspired me when I was researching TRAITORS AND PLAYERS and PRINCES AND PLAYERS which are books 3 and 4 of the Angel Players series and set during the years of the English Civil war through to the restoration of Charles II, the plague and great fire of London.

This is a picture of the oldest part of Arundel Castle and a regular haunt of mine as it is only a few miles from my home home.  The castle is the home of Duke of Norfolk and is rich centuries of history.  Living so close to it I had to include Arundel in the Angel series as the main home of Maressa Angel and I had to write about the seige of Arundel in Traitors and Players during the English civil war and how it would have affected the lives of the Angel family.

A few miles away from Arundel is Chichester.  Chichester featured as the main home of Thomas Angel and is in many of the scenes.  This is a picture of the unusual market cross and the seige of Chichester is related in Traitors and Players involving more members of the Angel family. 

York and Oxford were important garrison towns for the Royalists and both are two of my favourites places to visit and absorb the historical atmosphere.

The third picture is of The Commandery at Worcester - a must see museum for those interested in the civil war.  And Worcester is another wonderful historic city and often the Sealed Knot stage events and battles about the English Civil War in Worcester.

Again London features strongly in Princes and Players and with so many museums to chose from one of my favourites and not quite so well known as the British Museum is the museum of London on London Wall.

These places mentioned really bring history alive for me and make my research entertaining and fun and also importantly give the family a great day out with lots for them to find of interest.

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