Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Adventure and romance

Originally the Loveday novels were to be a trilogy. By book three it was obvious that the trilogy was emerging into a series as the three sets of Loveday cousins became engaged in so many exciting adventures. Although each book must stand on its own as a complete story I now wanted to embrace all the family within the theme of each book title.

The third book in the series THE LOVEDAY TRIALS is about the trials of adversity faced by the family and also the court trial when St John is arrested for the murder of an enemy. Historically it was a turbulent time with lots of scope for the men to participate. It was great fun to write and it has been described as the Scarlet Pimpernel meets Hornblower meets Poldark.

As the Lovedays’ finances recover from near ruin, it is clear their trials are far from over.
Adam returning to Trevowan with Senara – now his wife – and their baby son, finds himself at loggerheads for the first time with his father. Edward refuses to accept his son’s choice of bride, and as a result Adam finds it impossible to continue working in the Loveday shipyard so dear to him. To support his family he works as an English spy in a France still in the grip of the Terror. Treachery and adventure await him and his life is endangered. Meanwhile in Cornwall Senara strives to be accepted by the Loveday family and local community.
St John, meanwhile, is in trouble again. His involvement in the murky world of smuggling has made him some dangerous enemies – not least the corrupt and evil Thadeous Lanyon, who suspects him of being in league with the notorious smuggler and Lanyon’s arch enemy, Harry Sawle. Lanyon thinks nothing of killing anyone who crosses him – so when he himself is found murdered, and Sawle has an alibi, St John is arrested. He must face trial and, if found guilty, will be hanged.
This scandal adds to the growing dissent and rivalry that troubles the Loveday household. Even Edward must face a secret from his past that threatens to rock the stability of his own marriage.
Japhet the unrepentent rakehell lives dangerously close to the wrong side of the law. Can love redeem him, or will his reputation destroy his chance of happiness?
Will the Lovedays pull together as they have done before? Or will these new trials finally tear them apart?

Intrigue, passion and tensions abound in THE LOVEDAY TRIALS making it an unforgettable read.


annie said...

This is great. I love the books. I brought The Loveday Scandals on holiday and was hooked and brought all the others. My favourite is The Loveday Honour packed with high adventure and a star-crossed love story. The Loveday Revenge I simply could not put down.

kate tremayne said...

Thanks Annie
Revenge is one of my favourites as it was an emotional roller-coaster to write and I wanted to keep the reader guessing until the end. Scandals and Honour are other favourites as it switched the attention to Japhet's adventures and he is such a lovable rogue. And they introduced Tamasine who stirred up so much controversy. But each book has introduced new emotional elements and adventures I loved writing them all.