Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Introductions and suspense

Cover is the hardback edition of The Loveday Fortunes

Extract from chapter one of The Loveday Fortunes

This is the first time Senara appears in book 2 of the series. As each book has to stand alone the danger in retroducing characters is that readers of book one know all about Senara but she is a stranger to a new reader. Introductions therefore have to tell you intricate facts of their personality in a concise way whilst foreshadowing something of the conflict to come.

Leah Polglase was rarely ruffled by anything life dealt her and had never judged her daughter's relationship with Adam Loveday as wrong. Happiness was a rare commodity for the poor and you took it with an open heart when it blessed your life.
'Cap'n Loveday loves you. Senara,' Leah stated. 'You were a fool not to wed him when he asked.'
'Our backgrounds are too diverse. He will one day marry his own kind.'
Leah studied her daughter. Senara was beautiful, with an oval face and high cheekbones. There was a sensuous sweep to her brows and tilt of her full lips. Such beauty was dangerous to a woman who was half-gypsy. Women became jealous and saw her as a rival. and men too easily desired her, believing her lowly status made her easy sport. Captain Loveday adored Senara and treated her with respect.
'Cap'n Loveday's twin brother did not we his own kind.'Leah provoked. 'St John Loveday wed a tavern keeper's daughter.'
Senara rounded on her mother, and her green eyes flashed in a rare show of temper. 'Meriel Sawle was a fortune-huntress who married for money. She got herself with child to snare St John. Would you tar me with the same brush?'
'No! You love Cap'n Loveday. Meriel Sawle, hussy that she be, never loved anyone but herself. It's not the same.'
Senara looked at Angel the scarred bull-mastiff that she had saved from death after a bull baiting. His legs were twitching and he was making whimpering noises as he dreamed. 'I know my place, Ma. It be here,not in any fancy house owned by the Lovedays. Besides I've my trade as a potter.'
The words were defiant, but Leah could see behind them to the passion and vulnerability beneath. Adam Loveday was handsome and charming enough to turn the head of a princess. Yet could be bring her daughter lasting happiness? She shook her grey-head and sighed, fearing the couple's love was ill fated.


'Fans of costume dramas and eighteenth-century literature will enjoy Adam Loveday, a story of warring brothers and forbidden love' Chester Evening Leader


Anonymous said...


I've been reading your posts, and would like to read your novels. Adam Loveday is the first, right? I'm having a hard time finding it in the U.S. I did see on Amazon one used copy for around $49, and they had some of your others that I can get. Any advice on how to get your first book in the U.S.?

kate tremayne said...

I've just clicked on Amazon US and the $49 was for the hardback. They do have copies of Adam Loveday and all the titles in paperback in new and used at cheap prices. There is also Amazon Uk. Good luck and I would be interested to know how you got on as I get many such requests from American readers.