Tuesday, 3 June 2008

It all started with Adam

These are the two great covers for the paperback publication of ADAM LOVEDAY the first book in the Loveday series. The one on the right is the current re-issued cover.

Although the series covers the lives of three sets of Loveday cousins from the outset Adam was the main hero.
As the younger twin who loved his family home Trevowan and was a skilled and talented shipwright, he was denied the two things he held most dear by the circumstances of his birth. His older twin St John soon proved the weaker son, bent upon his own self gratification and no interest in the family shipyard. The rivalry between the twins started at a young age and was to continue throughout their lives. Believing the shipyard was out of his reach Adam began a career in the navy but his wild blood brought an abrupt end to his career and to redeem his himself he became a spy for the British government during the early years of the French Revolution.
St John continued his dissolute lifestyle and their rakehell cousin Japhet, the eldest son of a rector was also seeking his fortune by living dangerously close to the wrong side of the law. Japhet's brother Pious Peter was fighting his own inner demons in the shadow of his brother's reputation and their sister Hannah is battling to save her husband's farm during his long illness.
Meanwhile in London Thomas the eldest cousin is shackled to his father's bank but dreams of becoming a famous playwright. Thomas is also gaining the reputation as a notable duellist.

It is 1786 and the childhood rivalry between Adam and St John has intensified and continues to govern their fated passions and chequered fortunes. St John has become a dissolute wastrel but Adam, with a thirst for adventure and a talent for ship design, has fierce family pride in his home and the shipyard. Aware of his father's increasing disapproval, St John fears that the Loveday yard will be given to Adam after all, and puts into motion a plan to ensure that Adam will never get what his heart desires: the shipyard - and Meriel Sawle, the seductive daughter of the local innkeeper, whose violent family are infamous in the smuggling trade...

Reviews for Adam Loveday
'A fast moving and exciting read' Historical Novels Review
'This sweeping saga has the lot: colour, intensity and pace' Northern Echo


Anonymous said...

Adam is a wonderful sexy male hero but my favourite in the family is Japhet. He is such a lovable rogue.

Historical Romance Author said...

I have to admit I adore Japhet as much as Adam. They are great foils for each other. Japhet has very different adventures from Adam which has allowed me to weave a broader historical canvas throughout the novels. The series would not be the same without him.
Kate Tremayne

Anonymous said...

I'm torn between Adam and Japhet. But the what got me hooked on the series was really Adams trials and adventures.
much love and peace

kate tremayne said...

Adam and Japhet are most people's favourite Loveday men. How about the women? I relate strongly to Senara. Gwen changed from timid mouse to a real trooper through loving Japhet. Most of the time I wanted to throttle Meriel but she was fun to write about. I also have a soft spot for the formidable Elspeth.

Anonymous said...

I relate most to Senara and also admire the quite courage of Bridie who has so many strengths.