Friday, 1 May 2009

Maypoles, morris men and mayhem or the joys of a butterfly mind

Today I am blogging on historical romance uk click on top of page for this article.


Ellie Doyle, Addicted booklover said...

I brought Secrets from Asda and enjoyed it immensely. I was eager to learn about the family's earlier lives and have brought the first three. Halfway through Adam Loveday I know I will have to buy the whole series. These books transport me into another world. It is wonderful to discover a new favourite author especially when I will now have so many thrilling hours of reading ahead.

I enjoyed this article and your sense of humour.

kate tremayne said...

Hi Ellie
Thanks for your lovely coments, they make the isolated job of writing all worthwhile. Glad you also liked the blog. I must get more organised and update the Loveday blog more frequently.

Marilyn S. said...

Ms. Tremayne often mentions in her blogs and interviews that she spends a considerable amount of time doing research for her books. It got me thinking about all the research that I've been doing since starting the Loveday Saga.

I like to visualize in detail all the scenes and characters as Ms. Tremayne has described them. To visualize them accurately, I sometimes have to locate picture references of the clothing and conveyances, ships and settings. Who knew that, in reading the Loveday books, I would be getting both enormous pleasure out of the stories and an education too! Now, if only the BBC would produce a TV series, I wouldn't have to rely so heavily on the images that I find through research. Just think how much more time I would have for my pleasure reading!

Also, I read Ms. Tremayne's entry on the Historical Romance UK blog.
Now that I know about this blog, I'll have to add it to my daily reads.

Also from Marilyn S. who said...

Hi Ms. Tremayne,

Do you consider your Loveday books to be in the genre of Historical Romance? Why or why not?

kate tremayne said...

Hi Marilyn
My own love of reading historical novels gave me my passion for history and I became fascinated in how everyday people coped with the wars of the period, plague, religious persecution, extreme poverty etc. I love to visit historical sites and in England we are blessed with some outstanding castles, palaces and stately homes which are constantly inspiring. There are also the wonderful re-enactment Societies. When I visited your own country I had a marvellous time on the replica of the Mayflower and nearby sixteenth cenury settlement where everyone speaks and dresses in period.


kate tremayne said...

As to your other question Marilyn historical romance is a very broad category. Under the name of Pauline Bentley I wrote nine novels for Harlequin Mills & Boon in their historical series. In those the intensity of the romance is paramount and the historical background is still meticiulously researched. With the Loveday books there is at least one romance in each novel but it is more of a subplot as these novels are more about the family and their interaction with historical events and adventures.

Enjoy the historicalromance blog. Thirteen of us participate and it is a lively and informative site.

Jenny K. said...

I read this blog on the historical romance site. I will make it a regular now as I enjoyed the mix of meeting new authors and research news.

kate tremayne said...

I look forward to hearing more from you, Jenny