Friday, 8 May 2009

You pays your money and takes your choice

Two very different covers here for The Loveday Secrets. The hardback cover with the woman's full face and gorgeous moorland scene behind is an image of Georganna. The poignant story of hers and Thomas's unusual marriage and the consequences that arise have a dramatic effect on all the family. The paperback with only a partial view of a woman's face is now the new look for the series so you definitely have to decide who you think fits this role. The new look has had a very positve response from booksellers. What do the readers think?


Marilyn S. said...

Since we've been blogging about female images, I'd love to know the opinions of others about this . . . I always try to imagine which actors would best embody the Loveday characters. I think that I have found a strong candidate for ADAM LOVEDAY. It is actor CHRIS PINE.

You can find images of CHRIS PINE on the internet. Here's one such source.

Who else would make a good Adam Loveday? Inquiring minds want to know! Now, if only someone would produce a movie or TV series based on Ms. Tremayne's fabulous books!

A loyal U.S. fan and "Ambassador" for all your lovely LOVEDAY books

sheila an avid Loveday fan said...

For the role of Adam I would vote for Richard Armitage (he is currently playing Guy of Gisborne in BBC's Robin Hood) especially as now Adam is in his late thirties. Check out He has the dark and brooding pirate's image that is so right for Adam

Marilyn S. said...

Thanks for playing along, Sheila. I hope other avid Loveday fans will join in the fun. What do you think of a BLONDE Drew Barrymore as Meriel? Check out this picture before you "weigh in".

A loyal U.S. fan and "Ambassador" for all Ms. Tremayne's lovely LOVEDAY books

Marilyn S. from USA said...

About "You pays your money and takes your choice"

Both covers are very attractive and very appealing. However, if these two books were placed side-by-side in a market test, I would choose the one on the left. I like seeing the ENTIRE face of Georganna. And that would go for any of the fetching Loveday characters!

kate tremayne said...

The new Captain Kirk as Adam now that would be something special. The spooky thing is that Chris Pine (apart from the thicker eyebrows) looks remarkably like my adorable son Stuart. In which case he would have my vote. So great choice Marilyn.

I first visualised Adam eleven years ago now and then I would have seen him more as a long haired Michael Praed particularly how he appeared in the first two series of Robin of Sherwood. One of my favourite tv series ever.

As to Richard Armitage Sheila, he is another great favourite of mine and I would see him more as Japhet than Adam. That would be after Johnny Depp turned down the role as I just adore Captain Jack Sparrow (although we would need a somewhat less camp version for Japhet. Oh happy dreams.

Lisa said...

Johnny Depp playing any one of the Lovedays would make my day. He'd make even St John notch up a load more popularity points.

I really enjoy the comments on this blog.

Nicky P said...

I don't usually do blogs but I do enjoy the Loveday books and thought I would add my comment. For me the perfect Adam would be Rupert Penry-Jones. By coincidence he was also in Spooks and pictures of him are on the BBC Spooks website together with Richard Armitage.

I would like to thank Kate Tremayne for this fabulous series and I am counting the days until The Loveday Conspiracy is published.

USA Fan Marilyn S. said...

Calling all Loveday fans! Feel free to jump in and recommend actors for the roles of the leading characters. I am fascinated by the interesting suggestions. Don't be shy. There are NO wrong answers!

Kate, after my husband and I saw the previews of the soon-to-be released movie "Public Enemies", I turned to him and said about Johnny Depp, "That's exactly how I picture Japhet." So, it appears that we are on the same wavelength.

My candidates for Edward Loveday are Gabriel Byrne, Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks.This is a "game" that I could play for a long time.

And if your son Stuart looks like Chris Pine, he must be quite the heartthrob!

To Lisa, Marilyn S. said...

I agree with your very positive comment about this blog. I concur that Ms. Tremayne's Loveday Blog is exceptional. And two reasons for that are: (1) Ms. Tremayne is an active participant in it and (2) all the bloggers are responsive to each other. This blog is truly a community of devoted Loveday fans.

Thank you, Ms. Tremayne, for creating a forum wherein we can communicate with you and with each other. Since a blog is an investment of one's time, this blog is rewarding, worthwile, and oh-so-much-fun!

kate tremayne said...

What lovely comments Nicky. Glad that you put up your ideas. I agree with your choices - so many gorgeous actors I should be writing up a storm this week with so much inspiration.

Lisa I think you will have sent several readers into a swoon by nominating Johnny Depp.

Marilyn, I love the idea as Gabriel Byrne for Edward. When I first created him I probably had someone like Timothy Dalton in mind. I loved him as Rochester in BBC's Jane Eyre many years ago. Don't know if you had that shown in America.

Rita Gerlach said...

I think these covers are beautiful. Fantastic! I do like the one with Georganna's full face best.

Kay said...

I have only read the first four books so far but intend to read all of them as I love these characters and their swashbuckling lives. The ideas for which actor would play each character has been interesting to read. No one mentioned Brad Pitt for a role but then I suppose he is that much older now. Such a pity. Chris Pine would be great for Adam

kate tremayne said...

Thanks for your comments Kay. Why did no one else suggest Brad Pitt he must be a serious contender. He would make a good St John.