Sunday, 3 May 2009

Who is on the cover books 7 and 8

More on the women on the covers again now. THE LOVEDAY PRIDE is one of my favourites as I love the colours and it has a Cornish seascape behind it. It could be Gwen as she features strongly in this one. It could be Bridie as she is yet to appear on a cover. It could even by Hannah who is still challenging Harry Sawle at great danger to herself. However I personally would have her as the more mature Senara now very much a cultured woman who has not lost her affinity with those less fortunate than herself. Also the moon over the water links in with her pagan upbringing and her strong ties to nature.

What are your ideads on this? I'd love to hear from you.

THE LOVEDAY REVENGE shows Felicity and her involvement with the family. She is very much a more feminine influence in this darker story of retribution and bringing the smuggler Sawle to justice. I love the colours of this dramatic background.


Donna said...

I wanted the image on The Loveday Pride to be Senara. And the cover of The Loveday Revenge is beautiful and thought it must be Felicity as she is blonde. I could not put The Loveday Revenge down as it had me on the edge of my seat wondering what would happen next. Thank you Kate Tremayne for this terrific series. The women are more than a match for the memorable and dashing men of this family.

kate tremayne said...

Thsnk you for your comments, Donna. Two new feisty women have been introduced in The Loveday Conspiracy and the Loveday men are kept on their toes by them even when danger threatens their lives.

Marilyn S. said...

When I examine the cover of LOVEDAY PRIDE, I think of Bridie. She's plain yet beautiful in a natural way. Also, I read into the expression modesty, reserve, and demureness -- all qualities befitting a preacher's wife.

Since I haven't yet read LOVEDAY REVENGE, I couldn't make a guess about this blonde beauty.

Ms. Tremayne, I love the way each novel has a theme -- fortune, scandal, honor, pride, etc. You are masterful at weaving the theme throughout each subplot.

A loyal U.S. fan and "Ambassador" for all your lovely LOVEDAY books.

kate tremayne said...

Hi Marilyn
I agree about Bridie and thank you for the lovely comments. I enjoyed weaving subplots containing the same theme as the title and how different characters dealt with the subject.

Jenny K. said...

Like Marilyn I thought the cover of The Loveday Pride fitted Bridie though in this book I loved Gwen's part and her and Japhet's experiences in Australia. They were such traumatic times. It is the wider world tapestry of events Kate Tremayne weaves into the family's lives that keeps me hooked on the books.

kate tremayne said...

Thanks Jenny for your comments and participation. I loved researching how the first settlers survived in the new penal colony in Australia.