Sunday, 7 June 2009

Titles and things

It has been a fabuous week with first Tesco doing a summer long promotion on The Loveday Secrets. My preview hardback copy arrived hot of the press from the publishers of The Loveday Conspiracy and looks gorgeous. It is published at the end of the month - more on that and an extract later. Then I learned that one of my Pauline Bentley novels written for Mills & Boon was recently republished in Switzerland. I wrote this over 12 years ago. If that was not enough to send my mind spinning into overload a long phone chat to my wonderful editor Sherise had us discussing the latest plotline which she adored and of course titles.
In my current work in progress Rowena and Bryn come to the fore with their stories to be told. Bryn has remembered his past and seeks to bring the man who murdered his brother and mother to justice and reclaim his birthright. Rowena is also saved from a disastrous elopement but she has sent out to prove she is more her father's daughter than has inherited her mother's scheming blood.
The question of titles came up and I rather fancied The Loveday Rebels as in depicting that all offspring in their late teens rebel against rules and convention. Also the country is still at war with France and the family has its own internal battles as well as national wars to fight. The other choice was The Loveday Vendetta. Now I am torn between the two. Any personal preferences from my readers? Your views are welcome. The book title often reflects the tone of the subplots so is essential that I get it right.
And don't worry Adam, Japhet and Tristan will still be playing prominent parts in the new plotlines.


Marilyn, a Loveday fan, said...

Hi Kate. You have come up with two terrific titles. Since you are inviting your readers to weigh in, my vote would be for LOVEDAY VENDETTA. I think the word "Vendetta" is a more powerful word. Also, the word "Rebels" can be read as either a noun or a verb. For these reasons, my preference would be for LOVEDAY VENDETTA. But, truth be told, either one emblazoned on your cover would cause my hand to reach out and grab!

kate tremayne said...

Hi Marilyn

Thanks for your input. I must admit I remain undecided (not a good thing). Vendetta does sound classier. I am interested to hear any more comments.

James - Winnipeg, Canada said...

Both titles sound intriguing, Kate and whichever you choose I will be first on line to order it. When I was in England my sister gave me Adam Loveday to read on the flight home. Now I've tracked down all your books. They have kept me hooked from the first chapter. Thanks for the tip of using The Book Depository as I ordered the last four novels from them. No postage and a fast worldwide service.
As to titles I like the greater scope of mystery and suspense which you do so well that is offered by Vendetta in the title. I can't wait to read Bryn's story. You have hinted at so much more than I expected - hence Vendetta holds more retibution and intrigue.

Sue said...

Dear Kate
Thank you for your wonderful books. I am astounded that you keep devising such amazing plots and never let us down.

Both the Loveday Rebels and The Loveday Vendetta sound great. Dare I suggest you write them both.
I like the sound of Rebels.

kate tremayne said...

Good to hear from you John and Sue

At this stage most of my friends asked also prefer Vendetta. My agent also liked this and she knows what sells best. Looks like the Loveday Vendetta is on a roll.

kate tremayne said...

Sorry James I don't know why I put John. Obviously time for a strong black coffee to energise the brain cells. Great to learn that the books appeal to a Canadian. Spread the word for me.

Marilyn, a Loyal Loveday Fan said...

Hi Kate

I just finished reading Loveday Secrets. WOW! What revelations! What twists and turns! What deliciously shocking events! I think this was my favorite. (My husband reminds me that I said the same thing after reading each of the other eight books too.)

In March 2009, I began reading the series. Now, 4500+ pages later, I still haven't gotten enough of the Lovedays. Happily, your next book will soon be published.

Thank you for writing books that are delightfully entertaining. Your plots are superior. Your characters -- both the wickedly wonderful and the charmingly captivating -- are memorable.

kate tremayne said...

Hi Marilyn
You always make my day with your lovely comments. I am delighted the Loveday books have given you so much pleasure.