Monday, 29 June 2009

Murder Mystery and Intrigue

When the Loveday family face danger they unite and face their enemies with courage and conviction. Three conspiracies weave through this exciting new addition to the Loveday Series now available in Hardback.

Extracts will soon be revealed.

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Marilyn from USA said...

Hi Kate. This cover of the much anticipated Book #10 in the series is gorgeous. I just checked Book Depository for LOVEDAY CONSPIRACY and discovered that it is already out-of-stock! Amazing, especially since your book was just released a few days ago. But I think this news actually has a "silver lining" for you. It just goes to prove how popular your books are and how hungry your readers are to devour the next installment. I'm not easily daunted and will check back with Book Depository frequently until I get your book. I'm looking forward to yet another great Loveday story!