Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Conspiracy Extract

Today I have posted an extract from THE LOVEDAY CONSPIRACY on ukhistoricalromance blog. Click on top of page.


Lisa said...

I enjoyed the extract very much and am now trying to track down a supplier that still has a copy of The Loveday Conspiracy. Some have said they have sold out. That is great news for you.

Diane Ford said...

Congratulations Kate. I love your action scenes as musch as the family dramas. Your books are great.

Marilyn from USA said...

Hi Kate,

Dare I ask more questions? Here are some more if you're willing and have the time to answer . . .

1. Which authors inspire you?
2. How much research do you have to do for each Loveday book?
3. What with research and writing, do you have time to read recreationally? If so, what do you like to read?
4. Are you a disciplined writer?
5. Are there days when you DO NOT feel like writing? If so, how do you get back on track?
6. Has a Loveday plot or character ever come to you through a dream?
7. Do you keep a notebook of ideas for the future?
8. If you weren't the successful writer that you are, what would you most like to do?

kate tremayne said...

Hi Marilyn
Thanks for the questions. I'll post them as another blog soon. The one I will answer now is so relevant to how I have spent today. Yes resolutions do come in dreams. I woke in the night with the final mystery plot reolution to Bryn's story which will be in The Loveday Vendetta. This was great except I do not need this for another 4 months and am actually stuck on a character motivation and conflict in Chapter 7. It was an amazing twist to the back story.
So today I did all the research needed for this reolution and wrote up the notes.
Hopefully the Angel of Creativity will come again tonight so I can get back to work on Chapter 7 tomorrow.

Marilyn from USA said...

How interesting, Kate.

I'm sending you the ANGEL OF CREATIVITY to bless your dreams tonight!

kate tremayne said...

Thanks for the angel Marilyn. Just what I needed.